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Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder

"Ai," the traditional Chinese charac...

“Ai,” the traditional Chinese character for love (愛) consists of a heart (middle) inside of “accept,” “feel,” or “perceive,” which shows a graceful emotion. It can also be interpreted as a hand offering ones heart to another hand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I wasn’t always in love with Colton Calloway; I was in love with his younger brother, Kyle, first. Kyle was my first one true love, my first in every way. Then, one stormy August night, he died, and the person I was died with him.

Colton didn’t teach me how to live. He didn’t heal the pain. He didn’t make it okay. He taught me how to hurt, how to not be okay, and, eventually, how to let go.

Nell Hawthorne is in love with her life-long best friend, Kyle Calloway. Their young love is invincible and life is full of promise; then one night Kyle dies suddenly in a tragic accident and Nell is forever changed. She meets Kyle’s older brother Colton for the first time at the funeral. They both struggle to move on with life as best they can. Years later, they meet again in New York City, and Colton realizes that Nell has never really gotten over Kyle’s death. She seems to be harboring a deeply rooted pain, a heavy weight of guilt and regret. He knows he shouldn’t get involved, but he can’t help himself. Trust doesn’t come easily for either of them, and they both have demons. Together, they learn the purpose of pain and the meaning of healing, and the importance of forgiveness.

Excerpt from Falling Into You:

It was just a single sob at first, a quick, hysterical inhalation. Then a second. And then I couldn’t stop it. Tears, a flood of them. I felt the sand grow cold and muddy under my face, felt my body shuddering uncontrollably. He didn’t tell me it was okay. He didn’t try to pull me against him or onto his lap. He kept his hand on my shoulder and sat silent next to me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop. I’d let go, and now the river would flow un-dammed. No. No. I shook my head, clenched my teeth, lifted up and let myself fall down hard, sending a spear of pain spiderwebbing out from my arm. The pain was a drug, and I accepted it greedily. It was a dam, stemming the tide of tears….

Full length (80,000 word) New Adult Contemporary Romance: **Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language, and adult situations.

Sandy’s review:

This book describes how holding onto pain and guilt can really consume your whole world.  Nell and Colton have a loss in common Coltons younger brother Kyle.  Nell feels the guilt of Kyle saving her and then having to witness his death.  Colton feels the guilt of his shady life and not being there for his brother.  They both deal with their losses the same way, pain and alcohol.  I think everyone has felt such loss that they’ve wanted to cut it from their soul. These two are survivors in every sense of the word.

This is a lovely story about two lost souls that find and heal each other in every way possible.

On a side note, I love when authors add music to their stories it gives a better understanding of the characters and tone to the story.

Purchase it here: Falling Into You

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Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams

English: Actor Colton Haynes at the 2011 Thirs...

Colton Haynes for Chase


Chase Grayson has never been interested in having a relationship that lasts longer than it takes for him and his date to get dressed again. But then he stumbles into a gray-eyed girl whose innocence pours off her, and everything changes. From the minute Harper opens her mouth to let him know just how much he disgusts her, he’s hooked.

But a princess deserves a Prince Charming who can make her dreams come true. Not a guy who can turn her life into a nightmare.

All good intentions go out the window when Harper starts to fall for the guy Chase has come to view as a brother. He wanted to protect her by keeping her away, but he can’t stand to see her with anyone else, and he’ll do anything to make her his. But when it comes down to Harper choosing between the two, will Chase have the strength to step back from the girl who has become his whole world if it means she’ll be happy?

Lines will be crossed. Friendships will be put to the test. And hearts will be shattered.

Sandy’s Review:

I read this book knowing how it would end but I had to hear Chase’s side of the story and boy was it enlightening.  I really wanted to hate him at times while I was reading Taking Chances but couldn’t.  Now I know why, he was trying to be the better man by letting Harper go so she could be with some he thought she deserved, Brandon. After reading the last page I am heartbroken, I cried cause even though I knew what would happen it still hurt like hell.  I just hope Molly McAdams doesn’t pull this shit again cause her and I will no longer be friends.

Buy it here: Stealing Harper

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From Ashes By Molly McAdams


English: The Phoenix Firebird Deutsch: Der Pho...

English: The Phoenix Firebird Deutsch: Der Phoenix Feuervogel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Cassidy Jameson’s best friend Tyler took her to Texas with him when he left for college, she was expecting his cousin, their new roommate, to be a Stetson-wearing cowboy since his family owned a ranch; not this incredibly gorgeous guy with a husky Southern drawl that seemed to make the world stop whenever she looked at him. Because of her past, she’s only ever trusted two men in her life, Tyler and her dad whom passed away when she was six. But there’s something about Gage that draws her to him in a way she can’t explain, only problem? He’s always telling Tyler that he doesn’t want Cassidy living there and sees her as nothing more than his little sister.

Gage Carson was excited his cousin Tyler was coming to live with, and go to college with him. When he’d called to ask if he could bring his friend Cassi with him, Gage didn’t care. Gage had heard about this mysterious friend since they were kids and felt like he already knew her. Nothing would prepare him for watching her jump out of Ty’s Jeep though. Not only was Cassi the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, but there was something about her that within seconds of meeting her, made Gage want to protect her, and make her his. Too bad Tyler made it a point to remind Gage on a daily basis that he was dating her and she was completely off limits.

For a year and a half, Gage and Cassidy dance around their feelings for each other as Tyler continues to keep them apart; until one day Tyler unknowingly pushes her right into Gage’s arms. With Tyler unable to keep lying to them, they finally start a relationship both have been craving since their first meeting. But when an accident and disaster sends her back to Tyler and California, will Cassidy be able to come face to face with the demons from her past to live a life she and Gage deserve; or will the fact that she once again ran to Tyler be the final push that ends Cassidy and Gage for good?

Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.

Sandy’s Review:

I LOVE this book, If I had enough cash I would gift this book to every female I know.  Gage Carson brings to life that good old southern boy who listens to his mama, has respect for women, and will kick ass when necessary.  Cassidy Jameson is a survivor of extreme child abuse and wants to start over.  She decides to move to Texas with her best friend Tyler who of course has ulterior motives. She has relied on Tyler since she was a child so she cannot see what is obvious to everyone else. This book teaches you to communicate face to face with honesty or else things get totally screwed up.  Tyler takes advantage of everyone’s trust to manipulate situations but of course his true colors eventually shine through.  I don’t want to say anymore so everyone can experience this heart melting book for themselves.

~ Happy *sigh* reading

Purchase book here:From Ashes

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Bared To You By Sylvia Day


Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness…


bxp139892h (Photo credit: myheimu)

He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I’d never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily…

Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other’s most private wounds…and desires.The bonds of his love transformed me, even as i prayed that the torment of our pasts didn’t tear us apart…

Sandy’s Review:
Bared to you is the first book in the Crossfire Series, I have read it numerous times and it still gets my heart racing. I read this book right after 50 Shades Of Grey so it gave me the smut I was looking for.  Gideon Cross is the essence of everything that is sexy male; tall, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, muscular, rich, and determined.  Eva Tramell is everything you would expect Gideon to want in a female; Blonde, not too tall, athletic figure, grey eyes, socialite status, and doesn’t take shit from him.

Some of the issues I do have with the book is that everything happens with in the span of 2 or 3 weeks.  I know you can feel lust for someone in that time frame but love is questionable.  I do not believe that two people would see a couples counselor after 1 week together, it seems extreme.  They both have baggage they need to work on so they can trust each other but I don’t see that leap.  I also don’t see Eva telling Gideon she was raped as a child so soon in the relationship.

Other than the minor issue of instant love, I totally loved the book and its focus on abuse victims and how they can become survivors.  Eva is rational when it comes to what she can and cannot handle and what her triggers are that will make her spiral into bad places.  Gideon on the other hand is not dealing with his issues in a healthy way until Eva confronts him on it. I love that Eva has her roommate Cary for a sounding board and a reality check when she needs it. This book has A LOT of sex, trust issues, and insecurities between both of the main characters so be prepared to be frustrated in numerous ways. 🙂

Bared to You may seem to end a bit abruptly but everything will pick right up in the next book Reflected into You.

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Brain Freeze…

Did you ever read so much that you had to take a break or you brain might melt? Well that has been me the last week or so. I have decided to get back on the proverbial horse by doing a refresh and review. This way my brain won’t have to work so hard. First up Bared to you by Syvia Day. The next book in the series is due out soon so I’m looking forward to some Gideon and Eva. 🙂

~ Sandy

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Champagne Toast (Love of My life #2) by Melissa Brown

Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast (Photo credit: Eph Zero)

Book description:

Kate Armour and Evan Maxwell fell hard and fast for each other while attending college. Their once passionate and loving relationship ended when old scars eventually tore them apart. Two years after their breakup, they’re each struggling to piece together what went wrong in an attempt to move forward.

Kate, a no-nonsense bartender, must face her past while attempting to focus on her future.

Evan is stifled by his bitter heart, which threatens each and every relationship he attempts after walking away from Kate.

Will life offer them a second chance at love or are old patterns simply too hard to break?

Sandy’s Review:

I liked this book more than the first one, I still did not feel attached to the characters.

Kate was her own worse enemy, she knew she had a pattern & shared it with Evan. She created doubt where there wasn’t any before. She also had massive self-esteem issues so she left before someone could leave her.

Evan seemed so trusting of people except for the person he claimed to be the love of his life. After Kate opened up to him and shared her faults he was always looking for cracks. These two characters had no trust in each other or themselves.

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Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown

Daphne Blake

Daphne Blake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Book Description:

Ever since Daphne Harper graduated from college, all of her friends have fallen in love, become engaged and walked down the aisle. Be it a blessing or a curse, Daphne (a hopeless romantic and perpetual single girl) catches the bouquet at every single wedding she attends.

Daphne’s love life is a mess. Her first love, Mayson, haunts her heart and keeps her from pursuing happiness with any man who comes along. As she struggles to move on from the one who got away, Daphne wonders if she will ever break her curse and find her happily ever after.

Sandy’s Review:

I liked this book, I did not love it. I never felt any real connection with the characters. I felt that Daphne’s inability to get over Mayson after everything that he did was unrealistic.  He dated her, left her, came back took her virginity left with no word, and shows up years later at her friends wedding to mess with her head some more.

Once Daphne met Tanner I knew she wasn’t ready for that relationship, she needed to get Mayson ALL the way out of her system.  Her relationship with Maysons mother was not going to allow her to move on and when his mother gave her the ring I wanted to hit her for being so selfish.  I knew she had good intentions but if she didn’t know 100% that the ring was for Daphne then she should have never shown it to her.

Tanner was a good man that was put into a bad situation from the start.  I think if he knew how deep Daphne was into Mayson he may have waited a bit longer to pursue her. He also was right to walk away when he did, she needed to choose between a fantasy in her head or the real thing.  I did like the way she decided to win him back.

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